We’ve all seen it – baldness and hair loss has become a part of everyday life. It’s no wonder we dread being in that situation. It isn’t a pretty sight to behold. And there is hope!

Many people think of the topic of hair loss and cancer as an oxymoron. The words are completely at odds with one another. Hair loss and cancer do not go together. But these two words have found a place together in the fight against baldness and hair loss.

Here’s an important distinction. Hair grows where it wants to. It follows its own path, unaffected by gravity’s pull. If you expose your scalp to unnatural chemicals or heat, then yes, your hair will fall out. This is because your hair only grows where it wants to.

Hair is only concerned with the nutrients it receives. If it’s deprived of those nutrients, then the hair follicles eventually die. As a result, the hair will be dead and beginning to fall out for good.

But the unhealthy chemicals and heat can do more than just cause minor hair loss. They can cause serious damage to the hair follicles. It’s like fighting a war without a war flag. Your troops are still there, but they’re dead, yes, and they’re not coming back.

The chemicals and heat can also do more than just cause hair loss. They can also lead to baldness and hair loss. The chemicals and heat can increase your risk of contracting an infection which can cause a bald spot.

Even worse is the fact that many unhealthy hair product are not only sprayed on the scalp but also applied to the crown of the head. Some of the worst examples are the hair oils and the “beard gels”.

Skin cells are no longer able to reproduce. Their numbers decrease and then they die. If you get them too close to where they’re supposed to be, then your skin cells die too and the acne blemishes form where they lay dying.

So when you expose your scalp to this type of product, then you are doing more than exposing it to the bald spots. You are exposing it to the growth of infections, your skin cells dying, and the threat of infections causing bald spots.

You are doing yourself more harm than good when you allow hair loss to persist. You are doing yourself more harm than good when you allow baldness and hair loss to continue to persist. You are doing yourself more harm than good when you do nothing at all about it.

Baldness and hair loss should be treated like any other serious medical condition. You want it to be treated properly, so do your research and find out the truth about treating baldness and hair loss.

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